from hell to the future

This week’s reading was From Hell by Alan Moore, and to be quite honest, it wasn’t my favorite because of the graphic content, but it does hold many themes that I thought were quite interesting.

Right from the start, hearing that we were reading about Jack the Ripper raised warning signs all over. I never knew the story of Jack the Ripper, but always heard the name growing up, which just goes to show how Ripper culture has found its way into the future. This form of entertainment gave people a feeling of excitement, where these violent acts were saddening, yes, but most were interested in learning more about this lifestyle. Personally, I can’t believe that the criminal was never found, but in the story, there was someone to blame, that being Gull.

How is it that a physician, one who should be healing, is murdering women left and right, and claiming that he is saving them from this modernity that seems to be evil? This piece is one that really made me ponder about the mingling of the old and the new, especially because of the drawings of the office buildings. Gull seems adamant in screaming at the office workers, hallucinating and hugging the remains of the body once he snaps out of it.

It was also intriguing to see that the detective strongly believed in the murderer being foreign and not of English descent. Those that he questions respond in an interesting fashion, basically saying that all of this is a spectacle and a show, just like those that are in the show at the theater. Interest begins to spike in these crimes, and the mystery of it all just keeps people engaged. The question of morals comes up once again, because on one end, they feel bad for those that are victims of Jack the Ripper, but too fascinated to step back and think about if this is really right. Moving forward, I’m excited to read more about London as it changes again and treks closer to the London we know today.


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